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Flipping your classroom! Let’s get the conversation started!

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The flipped classroom has been around now under this title for about 5 years now! Where did it all begin?  Some say the khan academy, some say Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams at Woodland Park High School where they have started the flipped learning network.

Regardless, statistics are becoming evident that achievement results significantly increase using this model!

Throughout the year I will post articles, statistics, videos about the flipped classroom.

Audiocast of examples of the flipped classroom!!!

I will also post different tools you can use to create the instructional videos.

Join the learning portal (moodle) and access updated lists of these resources!

Help share your ideas in this blog!

Have a great 2012/13 school year!

I have run across an amazing blog post from Catlin Tucker!  She goes beyond just creating the instructional videos.  Her focus is on what now to do with that additional instructional time that can be so valuable to the students in your classroom!  Her highlights include:  1.  Take advantage of ready-to-use content available  2.  Don’t just show them.  Make them do something with that information that requires higher order thinking.  3.  Use the flipped model to create a student centered classroom!  This third topic is really where we should be going with our students to truly make them critical thinkers and to make a rich differentiated classroom!  And congradulations also to Catlin for using the flipped model outside of Math/Science!

Sarah Tomczyk has provided a blog post to the Blackboard Collaborate site showing how and why she is using Blackboard Collaborate to flip her classroom! .  “This realization initiated their switch to the flipped classroom model. Not only did it initiate change, but they also have seen a continual increase in test scores since they switched to the model. The flipped classroom is a plus for students that have to travel for extracurricular activities and sports.”

Breaking news!!!!!  One of my jurisdictions sent me this definition and asked if this was the philosophy behind my presentations on this topic:  a model of teaching in which a student’s homework is the traditional lecture viewed outside of class on a vodcast. Then class time is spent on inquiry-based learning which would include what would traditionally be viewed as a student’s homework assignment. Synonymous with Reverse Class.

Far from the truth!  This is the common misconception where teaching is being replaced by videos, and instruction is at  home and homework is done at school!  To dispell the myth, here is the definition that I have created!  Let me know your views on it:

Providing students with an online resource area for a variety of materials that can supplement instruction or provide samples of student work necessary for mastery of a curricular concept.  This may or may not replace a limited amount of the traditional instruction, and may provide classroom time for differentiation, projects, and more.  These resources are not intended to replace traditional classroom instruction.

Lets complete this dialogue!

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